Clinton Street Baking Company 

This place was actually pretty hyped up when it first opened a couple years back. But we only decided to check it out only when the New York branch was featured on a tv programme.

The place was packed to the brim and noisy as hell when we were there at 2pm on a saturday. We were only allowed to be seated when we were all present despite our reservation.

Buttermilk fried chicken plate ($25).This came with slaw, honey tabasco sauce and jalapeno cornbread. The crust was similar to that of kettle cooked chips. Wished the chicken was juicier though. The cornbread was crumbly with a hint of the jalapeno flavour. The portion size was generous too. That said, I would take a Popeye’s combo meal over this any day.

Chicken and waffles. This came with the same homey tabasco sauce, vanilla buttermilk waffles and warm maple butter. The waffles were good and had the right amount of egginess and lightness to it. Chicken breasts were kinda dry though. Didn’t see the need for two types of sauces, made for a confusing flavour profile.

Blueberries with pancakes and warm maple butter ($19).This was pretty good but I was sick of it by the time I got to my sixth bite

We got a flat white as well. This was average though.

Doubt I’ll head back here anytime soon. The seats weren’t the most comfortable, the noise level made it impossible to have a proper conversation and the tables were positioned way too close to each other.I could think of better places to have brunch.


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