Swee Guan Hokkien Mee

I read that this stall fries up its hokkien mee over charcoal fire. As a huge fan of such cooking methods, I stopped by after work and although there was already at least eight people in line, the queue moved quickly as the owner fries up his hokkien mee in large batches whilst scooping individual portions for each of his customers. 

Unfortunately being 9th in line, the noodles weren’t piping hot and the entire dish was already congealed by the time it reached the table. Notwithstanding that, the smoky savouriness and the bits of lard scattered throughout still made this pretty enjoyable. 

We were disappointed having went all the way there for dinner, we couldn’t leave without tasting a hot version of the noodles. Having learnt our lesson, we saw that the stall owner was fryig up a new batch of noodles and quickly got into the queue again (we were first in line this time).


As you can see, this is significantly wetter. Unfortunately this had quite a few burnt bits in it. Still enjoyable though. 

All in all, it is hard to go wrong with a lardy mess of noodles cooked in seafood/pork stock. Although the smokiness was pronounced, the parents (who are familiar with dishes cooked over charcoal) identified it as a result of the gas stove and not so much a result of the charcoal. A hybrid of gas and charcoal is used here. 

Given the inconsistencies, I would probably only come back to have it if I’m in the area and craving hokkien mee.


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