Hana Hana

Finally decided to check this place out for lunch. We were a party of two and got seats surprisingly quickly despite it being lunch hour. All of the seats were situated before a long bar which extended to its sister restaurant beside it. By the looks of it, this appeared to be the more casual of the two. 

They were running pretty reasonable lunch deals (mostly in the early $20s region or even below that). 

Seats were cramped and brought me back to the many hole in the wall restaurants scattered all over Japan. Unfortunately, it was warm and the kitchen was poorly ventilated which really made the dining experience very uncomfortable. 

We were served complimentary ice mugicha(barley tea) to start off. Much needed given the heat. 

Knowing owner of this joint also owned Man Man (the unagi restaurant down at Keong Saik with a queue so long the average waiting time to get into the restaurant is a two hours wait), I went with the regular sized grilled unagi don whilst my dining partner went with the kaisendon(not pictured). 

The set was $24 nett, one of the pricier option. It’s unagi afterall. The unagi defied expectations with its crisp charcoal grilled exterior and melt in your mouth texture. The sauce was thick and for the lack of better words, sweet. It all came so well together with the rice. Adding the smidge of real wasabi brought out the flavours even more as it lent a refreshing and slightly sharp note to the rich dish. I wished I had went for the larger size unagi don. 

Notwithstanding the uncomfortable setting and until I am prepared to wait in line for 2h for a seat at Man Man, this place will have to do for future unagi dons. 


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