Ali Nachia Briyani Dam

I’ve heard many good things about this shop since its days at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. Surprisingly, there was no queue when I checked it out at its current location Tanjong Pagar Plaza at around 12.30pm on a work week. I got a mutton biryani($7) to go.

The rice was fluffy, light and kept its length. Broken basmati rice is unfortunately way tooo common. Hidden within the mound of rice was a mutton rib with the meat just falling apart. Needless to say, there was no gameyness that is usually associated with mutton. The pickled cucumbers were not too bad but negligible. 

Flavours overall were however, disappointingly muted and mild. This was the case even after adding the accompanying curry gravy. The up side is that there is little grease involved. All in all this was not the biryani I was expecting, the execution was there but the flavours needed much work. 


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