This place was hyped up since its opening. We saw it everywhere, from the papers to the magazines and the food blogs. That being the case, we decided to hit this place up for lunch on a sunday.

This buah keluak sambal fried rice came heavily recommended and with good reason too. This was chock full of buah keluak, giving the rice a complex,  savory and slight smoky flavour. The wing beans provided a much needed crunch to this. This is a must order. Portion size was good for four. 

Chap chye portion was also generous and well executed. Flavours were slightly lacking though. 

Hati babi bungkus. Minced pork and liver wrapped in caul fat before hitting the grill. The use of caul fat was always intriguing to me so I was pretty curious about this dish. Unfortunately the “skin” of this came out tough and chewy and whilst the innards were juicy, came across as slightly gamey. 

The ngoh hiang was not bad but dry. The liver pieces also stood out for its dry and tough texture. More work on this is needed.

Oxtail stew. Pretty bang for buck at $26 given how oxtail tends to be pricey. The gravy was rich and had hints of spices whilst the oxtail, though not as fatty as I hoped it would be, was tender and absorbed the flavours from the gravy.

Kueh bengkah with coconut icecream and gula melaka. The kueh was rather pedestrian. This was a passable dessert.

The kueh kosui on the otherhand, came showered in fresh coconut shreds. It was extremely soft, and melted in your mouth into a puddle of caramelized sugary mess. This was good. 

Although the restaurant was rather small and cramped, Folklore serves up hearty portions at reasonable prices. Flavours can be strong as is often the case with peranakan food. There are a couple more dishes on its menu that I wouldn’t mind trying the next time. 


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