Osteria Mozza 

Weekend lunch at Osteria Mozza. 2/3 of us went for the set lunch(Sgd 48 for three courses) and 1/3 of us opted for an appetizer(that was not included in the set) and a pasta dish. 

Set menu appetizer : buffala mozzarella with prosciutto di parma. This was generous in portion and both ingredients came together well enough. The cheese was creamy and provided a nice contrast to the salty ham. This might have been a little too much if not for the fact that we shared dishes.

Set menu appetizer: Smoked sea trout salad with wax beans, jalapenoes and toasted almonds. Man this was a great dish to start with as it was refreshing and packet with some heat. The fish was also nicely done and the dressing really allowed the vegetables to shine through. Excellent. 

A la carte appetizer :wagyu beef tartare with roast garlic chips and rosemary. This was melt in my mouth tender. The truffle scent was prominent and gave the beef another level of complexity. This was quite rich and hard to finish on its own but like I said, we shared dishes and hence this wasn’t a problem. 

Set menu pasta dish: Pici alla carbonara.

The noodles were slightly hard and had a nice bite. This was a little lacking in the flavour department with the exception of the occasional bite that came along with bits of bacon. This looked really good and creamy but came down disappointing. 

Set menu pasta dish: Tortellini in brodo. The go to pasta dish in Bologna. This was not too bad, the broth was deep and earth whilst the tortellini had a great bite and was filled with a savory and salty meat filling. This was although rather one dimensional, well executed. 

Orechiette with sausage and swiss cheese. This was available on the set menu but we got this a la carte. The pasta was al dente and scooped the meat sauce up nicely. The cheese made the dish taste like cheetos (fortunately or unfortunately). I quite enjoyed this. 

Dessert on the set menu : strawberry jam crostata with panna cotta. Mozza has the best panna cotta I’ve ever had.  It was essentially a jellified version of vanilla whipped cream. So damn creamy and it went perfectly with the crostata(which was just OK). 

Set menu dessert : chocolate tart with creme fraiche. The chocolate tart was so rich but had a layer of salty caramel at the bottom. The creme fraiche was thick and added a layer of creaminess and lightness to nullify the denseness of the chocolate. 

Still my favourite italian place in singapore. Its lunch menu may be lacking in comparison with its dinner menu but it was still pretty darn good. Service was polished and prompt as usual. Lunch was of good value as well. 


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