SPRMRKT Kitchen and Bar

Read good things about this place in the papers and decided to hit it up. 

Pork rillette with toast and accompaniments. Not bad but pretty pedestrian.

This was the Octopus and Prawn starter. The seafood was well cooked but again, nothing to shout about. I felt the microgreens were superfluous.

Twice cooked chicken roulade with spinach and mushroom durelles, asparagus tempura and cauliflower puree. This was good, the chicken was tender and went well with the puree. The asparagus was also a nice contrast in texture. 

Steak frites. Steak was too thin, I would have preferred a thicker piece with less surface area, this was unsatisfying. On the contrary, the fries were generously topped with fresh garlic and were really good with the bearnaise sauce. 

Malbec oxtail pasta. Homemade pappardelle, smoked cheese and veal jus. Explosion of flavours here, pasta was also nicely done, the dish came together very well. 

Final thoughts? The food had potential (well executed) but portions were small and the menu was limited and rather boring. It would do a lot better as a casual dining spot with heartier portions. Won’t be coming back to this joint any time soon. 


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