Summer Palace @ Regent Hotel

This place just got a michelin star. We decided it was time for another visit. We had the Chef’s tasting menu on a weekday for lunch. The amuse bouche was just blanched soggy spinach in a watered down marinade. Not a good start. I could’ve done without this. 

Trio of dim sum. Pot sticker on the right was not bad but not great. Shu mai in the middle was pretty nice with its squid ink wrapper and chunks of prawns. Char siu polo bun was also average at best. It was rather dense as opposed to Tim Ho Wan’s. 

Second course was fish maw soup. This was really good. The soup was super thick and full of collagen. Our lips were sticky and coated after having this. It was also hot throughout and the two types fish maw(not my favourite) provided perfect contrast. One gelatinous and soft and the other, spongey thereby absorbing the soup. 

Next was the garoupa wrap containing apples. The fish was perfectly executed and the apples were nice bursts of flavours. Interesting.

This was another standout dish. Egg whites and huge chunks of crab meat topped over ee fuu noodles with truffle oil. The portion of crab meat was generous and so huge that my dad thought they were chunks of chicken breast. The flavors were light and subtle, the dish was delicately put together but hearty at the same time. Good stuff. 

Dessert was a little more lacklustre. Osmanthus jelly (extreme right) was simple but a good way to end the meal. In the shotglass was some fruits, aloe vera and goji berries in some juice of sort. Refreshing but nothing more than that. The slices of moon cakes were average. Black sesame and salted egg yolk custard snow skin moon cakes.

All in all this was a pretty darn good meal. Would be back for this again, especially the soup and ee fu noodles.


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