Red House

Ordered our usual appetizer, the crispy baby squids. These were not as crispy as I had hoped. 

The chilli crab had a distinctive vinegary taste to it. Despite its name, there is not much heat to the sauce. Still, it was pretty good with the mantous. The deep fried ones were not as fluffy and rather dense in the middle. I much preferred the steamed ones. The crab was as usual, 

The Gui Fei Crab was good, the soup was sufficiently rich,leaving a slight stickiness on the lips after drinking it. Chinese rice wine was definitely added and the sweetness of the crab really helped elevate the broth to a higher level. The noodles also soaked up the flavours and the crab was also sweeter than the one used in the chili crab dish. Definitely coming back for this. 

As we were still not entirely full, we got a plate of lala beehoon. Man, this was great and probably cooked in the same bade stock as that of the Gui Fei Crab. The noodles soaked up all that savory sauce and tasted full of umami.The lalas were also sweet and fresh. I also really enjoyed the random bites of the thin ginger strips. Would order again.


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