Nadai Fujisoba NIHACHI

It was 2ish pm and I was hungry for lunch. Wandered over to 100am and saw that this newish soba place looked interesting enough to try. We don’t really have many authentic soba specialists in Singapore so I was curious to see how this would fare.

I got the hot kamo soba noodles. The bowl was huge and the portion was sufficient. This was pretty hearty but the yuzu in the soup kept things fresh. The slices of duck meat were tender and added character to the entire dish. The meatballs were also not too bad but rather forgettable. The soba noodles had a firm bite to them but I can’t really tell if there is a difference to this when compared to dried soba noodles. 

All in all, it was a good bowl of soba noodles and it really hit the spot for a cold rainy day. The price range is similar to that of ramen (in particular, Tori King Keisuke) but the place was completely empty. I liked it and definitely wouldn’t mind coming back here.


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