Tampopo Deli

I was at Liang Court for some grocery shopping the other day and Tampopo Deli was running a promotion on a new item, a sakura chicken udon with collagen broth. I have always been fond of collagen broth given their rich flavour which tends to be indicative of many hours of boiling meat bones so I jumped at the chance to get this. 

This came in a claypot that kept it warm till the end when I was done. This was really well thought out seeing as soup that tend to be rather rich in flavour goes down easy only when it’s piping hot. The udon was slightly overcooked but absorbed all that chicken essence. The prawn was also decent sized and fresh given the price of the entire dish. 

It is worth noting that opposite from Tampopo Deli is Bijin Nabe which does chicken collagen soup pretty well too. 

Seeing how often we go to Liang Court to get groceries and how often we eat at Tampopo Deli (be it for its cream puffs or udon), I’m definitely going to be ordering this on a regular basis…if it is a regular item on the menu. 


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