Brothers Ramen

I’ve read about this place before but was never convinced enough to visit the place. However the colleagues wanted to try this place out and I was craving something soupy anyway. 

This was definitely an example of a localized version of ramen. The noodles were made inhouse and had a good bite to them. As for the soup, it tasted a lot milder and lighter on the palate than most other ramen. The soup was neither salty or oily, on the downside it came across as a little diluted. On the upside, it was a lot easier to down thanks to that. 

The toppings were good. The seaweed was that of the chinese variety, interesting. The egg was marinated in soya sauce for quite a bit as it was pretty salty. The yolk was perfectly done. The chicken and chashu were both tender and went well with the light broth. 

Although I wouldn’t be going out of my way to pop by again, I definitely wouldn’t mind having this again.


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