Omakase burger and Keith’s crackling roast

Headed to The Grandstand for some burgers. We got an ala carte deluxe cheeseburger and deluxe cheeseburger set that came with a drink and a side. We opted for a lemonade and cheese fries. 

The burger was topped with grilled onions and mushrooms. The meat patty was juicy and greasy,almost too greasy actually…the paper holder became a cup to trap all the drippings and due to that, certain the portion of the buns that came into contact with that pool of oil became really soggy. As I’ve been here several times before I suppose they don’t intend to improve on that aspect anytime soon. 

The cheese fries were great though, sufficiently crisp and doused in that awesome cheese sauce. 

The lemonade was really sweet but alright after most of the ice cubes melted away. 

I was still hungry after that so I got some crackling pork belly from Keith’s Crackling Roast at Pasarbella. It was alright, I would have preferred it if it spent less time in the oven.


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