Kam’s Roast

I was in the vicinity to catch a movie and had not had any dinner yet. I then remembered that Tsuta Ramen had opened at Pacific Plaza so I wandered over. I gave up queueing as there were at least 25 people ahead of me. 

Kam’s Roast was around the corner so I thought I would hit that up instead. The place was crammed with people and as a single diner I was asked to share a table with another single diner. I suppose this counts as an authentic HK dining experience. I read somewhere that their HK branch has a michelin star and is famous for its roast goose. As goose meat is a rarity in singapore, no doubt due to regulation issues, there was no goose on the menu.

I ordered half a duck with a bowl of rice. I also got a honey lemon tea. The meat was tender without being too fatty and the skin was also crisp. Even the breast meat was tender and juicy. The sauce was amazing especially on the hot rice. In the end, I couldn’t finish it all and packed the remainder away. The duck was definitely larger than the average. 

I liked this enough to have it again. This would probably be my family’s go to place for roasted duck from now on.


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