New Lucky Claypot Rice and the Rojak Line

We were craving claypot rice so we decided to hit up our usual joint. We called to reserve two chicken and sausage claypot rice and the watercress and pork rib soup in advance to avoid having to wait too long at the place. 

We still had to wait for quite a bit when we got there though. So we got some rojak from a new stall the Rojak Line. The sauce was thicker than usual and it had a lot more fruits than what I would’ve liked. This was not bad but I’ve definitely had better. 

The claypot rice was satisfying but I suppose the standard has dropped seeing as there was a thick black rice crust formed at the base of the claypot. Ideally we would be able to scrape the bits of browned rice off the pot but this was just too burnt to be edible. It was still pretty enjoyable though, I suppose you can’t go too wrong with claypot rice. The (unburnt) rice was oily, savory and cooked to a perfect texture.

The pork rib and watercress soup was nothing great though, we usually like the salted vegetables and duck soup but it was sold out as usual. The vegetables were pedestrian though.

Although the standards have definitely dropped, this is still a pretty convenient place to drop by for when we need a claypot rice fix. 


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