Grain Traders 

Grain Traders has just opened a branch at 100am mall in Tanjong Pagar. I’ve been there for lunch thrice now. 

I chose the soba, the striploin, marinated peppers, wafu tomatoes, charred corn, seed mix and basil vinagrette. This worked pretty well. I really liked the corn, it was smoky and slightly sweet. I also got an iced white to go which was honestly average at best. 

Second time round, I got the seared tuna steak, the beansprouts, mushrooms and wafu tomatoes on a bed of salad with salsa verde and furikake. The beansprouts were rather dry, and the salad, in particular the kale, was really tough to eat. I also had a flat white to go, (22 Martin), it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. 

Third visit: I had the tuna, marinated peppers, pickled cucumbers, charred corn on a bed of salad with the seed mix. I had the tough to eat kale again in the name of health. I also got a flat white to go (Nuts and bolt). It was pretty decent.

All in all, Grain Traders made eating healthy a little easier. It is definitely more appealing than your run-of-the-mill salad place for sure. It’s price point is also higher than such salad places so I suppose it evens out. I see myself coming back occasionally.


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