Summer Pavilion

As Summer Pavilion was awarded 1 Michelin Star recently, we decided to give it a try. 

The place was elegantly decked out and the tables were spaced generously unlike most chinese restaurants. This allowed us to dine in privacy despite being seated in the main area. 

We opted for the Michelin Star Menu at $118++ per person.

The dinner started strong with the first course, in particular, the prawn was pan fried perfectly. There wasn’t a need to deshell it, the shell was perfectly  whilst the meat inside stayed juice. It was very well executed.The pork was juicy and succulent. The abalone was executed well, the sesame dressing really complemented it. 

This was interesting, I didn’t think coconut would work well in in a soup dish given its potential to overpower with its natural sweetness but this was well balanced and rich in a complex way. The portion was also pretty substantial.

Although the beef cubes were done just right, it was rather boring. The chef tried to jazz it up with a sundried tomato toast but it didn’t do anything for this dish. 

Another soup dish right after the substantial second course? 

The broth was delicate but it was nothing to shout about. 

The dessert course (not pictured) was…unfortunately another liquid dish. The almond cream was average but the snow lotus was interesting, its texture was that of tapioca balls but with a little more bite. 

As it was HM’s birthday, the staff presented us with these longevity buns. They were stuffed with lotus paste and tasted alright. 

We were there on a tuesday so corkage was free. So we brought a bottle from Veuve’s new line of champagne meant to be used in cocktails, the Veuve Clicquot Rich. We had it on its own. It was on the sweet side, I could see how this would be good mixed into cocktails. 

All in all, the food was alright, more misses than hits but it was definitely a good place to go for celebrations. We are definitely coming back for the ala carte menu.


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