Tuan Yuan Pork Ribs Soup

I got off work late so H2, H3 and HP picked me up to have dinner (and supper for themselves). 

Having been disappointed several times at Ya Hua Rou Gu Cha(Keppel), we decided to check out their newer outlet, Tuan Yuan.

They were pretty generous wth the pork ribs, the soup waa excellent. It was peppery but not as greasy as that at Ya Hua. The youtiaos were freshly fried so that’s always good. The kidneys were undercooked though. We wouldn’t order the pork balls again though. Not that it was bad but I suppose there were better things to have. The salted veggies went really well with the rice and helped cut the fatty taste of the soup. The peanuts and the beancurd knots were nice but not something I would need to order. 

We’re definitely coming back, the place was also a lot more comfortable that Ya Hua’s which was our usual place for bak lut teh. 
Address: #01-01, 127 Kim Tian Road, Singapore 160127


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